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How many times have you been through this?

Physical overload
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Difficulty standing out in the saturated market

Time Management Challenges

Financial and
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With The Detox by Rebecca Secret Code training and certification you can put an end to this story.

For the first time, after more than 12 years of experience and 5 thousand people on the waiting list, the secrets of 'The Detox by Rebecca's method will be revealed…

Module 1: The Detox by Rebecca Secret Code

Module 1: The Detox by Rebecca Secret Code

The starting point. Discover how I, Rebecca, built a name for myself becoming a leading expert, and how you can also achieve success and financial freedom with this very same method that will be your new specialty.

Chapter 1: Welcome to Detox by Rebecca Secret Code

In this chapter I introduce the training, explain why I created it, discuss the method, and highlight how this training provides everything you need to achieve success and financial freedom.

I share my personal journey arriving in the US with just $100, highlighting challenges and experiences. I discuss the strategies and decisions that led me to become a leading lymphatic drainage specialist.

Here you get an overview of the course dynamics, including platform features, support channels, materials/resources and methods to access the classes. I also include valuable tips and strategies for maximizing the benefits of the course.

This chapter explains step-by-step the Training Program, it offers insights into the content of each module, provides brief overviews of the chapters within each module, and sets expectations about what students will learn from each chapter.

Module 2: Fundamental Aspects of the Lymphatic System

Get to know the lymphatic system and its secrets in depth. Learn about their anatomy, functions and importance to health, and how you can use this knowledge to take your lymphatic drainage treatments to the next level.

Chapter 1: Introduction to the Lymphatic System

The starting point for deeper exploration of the lymphatic system, offering an introduction to its key elements and functions. Provides a crucial lesson, setting the stage for deeper understanding in subsequent sections.

This chapter takes a close look at the components and operations of the lymphatic system, including lymph nodes, lymphatic vessels, and other critical elements. It aims to help you understand how the lymphatic system operates in the human body.

Discover the fascinating roles of the lymphatic system in this chapter. Learn how it acts as the body's guardian, overseeing immune surveillance, maintaining fluid balance, and transporting dietary fats and fat-soluble vitamins to wherever they are needed in the bloodstream.

This chapter is your starting point to understand the building blocks of the lymphatic system. Explore key players such as lymph nodes, lymphatic vessels and other vital elements and get a clear picture of how they collab to support health and well-being.

I will explore how lymphatic fluid moves through your body, like a hidden river within you! By examining the synergistic relationship between the lymphatic and circulatory systems, you will get insights into how this dynamic flow plays a key role in immune function and keeping the correct fluid balance.

This section guides you to identify the key areas in your body where lymph nodes are located. Discover the strategic positions that are essential to estimate during lymphatic drainage treatments. Get insights into the importance of targeting these locations for overall well-being and therapy effectiveness.

Dive into the factors that can impact the efficiency of the lymphatic system in this chapter. Explore elements and conditions that may prevent it from working properly. Understanding these factors is crucial to maintaining and optimizing lymphatic health, ensuring your body's natural defenses remain robust.

Module 3: The Detox by Rebecca Approach to Managing Inflammation

Master techniques to reduce inflammation and guide your clients to lasting results. Explore the relationship between insulin, body types, menstrual cycle, and inflammation, and how to build lasting relationships with your clients.

Chapter 1: How to Guide Your Client to Achieve Better Results

This chapter focuses on improving your skills in providing guidance and helping you understand the connection between inflammation and the lymphatic system. The goal is to empower you with the knowledge to help your clients achieve long-lasting results, customized to their individual needs.

Discover the best tips and strategies for reducing inflammation in the body. This chapter will enhance your communication with customers, making you the expert they can't do without.

Explore the vital role of insulin in relation to inflammation and the lymphatic system. Discover how insulin levels can impact inflammation, giving you tips to help clients achieve the best lymphatic health.

I explain the relation between body types and hormonal effects on inflammation within the lymphatic system. You will learn to differentiate between different body types, allowing you to personalize treatments and offer tailored strategies to effectively reduce inflammation in your clients bodies.

Learn how the menstrual cycle can affect inflammation and lymphatic health in women. Explore hormonal fluctuations and physiological changes during this cycle and discover when it is advisable for clients to avoid lymphatic massages.

The secrets to creating lasting partnerships with your customers. You'll discover how to not only solve their immediate problems, but also build connections that keep them coming back for ongoing support.

Module 4: Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Discover the power of manual lymphatic drainage and how it can revolutionize your service. Learn about its history, contraindications and procedures, and get ready to offer a unique wellness experience while sculpting your clients' bodies.

Chapter 1: Functions

In this chapter, we explore the vital role of manual lymphatic massage in promoting overall well-being. Discover how the lymphatic system gives support to the immune system and cellular health, and how lymphatic massage helps maintaining and restoring its essential functions.

This chapter provides insights into situations and conditions where this therapy may not be appropriate or should be approached with caution. Understanding contraindications is crucial to ensuring the safety and effectiveness of your services..

Let’s dive into the history of manual lymphatic drainage, highlighting the contributions of key figures who helped build the foundation of manual lymphatic drainage. Explore how manual lymphatic drainage has adapted and expanded to address a wide range of health concerns and conditions.

You will dig into the Anamnesis process, which involves collecting essential patient information and medical history. Learn how to conduct a detailed assessment, allowing you to tailor manual lymphatic drainage treatments effectively and safely.

Module 5: The Detox by Rebecca Method

Explore the exclusive Detox by Rebecca Method. Learn specific techniques, from cupping to targeted treatments, and see how I, Rebecca, apply this knowledge to a real treatment.

Chapter 1: Detox Method by Rebecca

In this opening chapter, we introduce the Detox by Rebecca method, providing the basis for the rest of the module. You will get an in-depth understanding of the exclusive treatment components, including Strokes, Direction, Pressure, and Rhythm, along with the guiding principles of this revolutionary method.

Discover the essential items and tools you need to have to start on your lymphatic drainage journey. This chapter ensures that you are fully equipped and ready for effective hands-on..

I will present the significant benefits of the non-invasive machine created by our team. Although this machine is optional for treatment, it plays a key role in this method. You will learn how to use it effectively and understand its importance in improving the results of our treatment.

You will discover the specific body points where cupping should be applied and understand how each of these points relates to different aspects of well-being. Additionally, you will get prepared to explain cupping therapy to your clients with clarity and confidence.

Discover the techniques to perform our lymphatic drainage method designed specifically for the legs. Get an in-depth understanding of Detox by Rebecca's specialized lymphatic movements, learn about important considerations, and get the knowledge to effectively reduce leg swelling and the appearance of cellulite.

You will learn the specific movements and techniques designed exclusively for abdominal lymphatic drainage. Our goal is to prepare you with the knowledge to provide our unique abdominal treatment, achieving remarkable results that will leave your clients thrilled with their improved belly area and overall well-being.

Shift our focus to lymphatic drainage treatments tailored for the arms in this chapter. Explore special strokes designed to effectively reduce swelling in the arms.

This chapter explores movements aimed at treating common back problems and improving overall well-being. These movements prioritize relaxation while helping to relieve swelling, providing your clients with a soothing sensation and reduced swelling in the back area.

Explore the expert practice of lymphatic massage for the face in this chapter. Discover how these strokes and methods can help reduce swelling, promote relaxation, and enhance facial appearance, allowing your clients to feel rejuvenated and refreshed.

In this chapter, you'll get a preview of an 80-minute Detox by Rebecca treatment, performed and explained by myself, Rebecca. You will witness the entire treatment process, getting a hands-on understanding of how it should be performed. This immersive experience will provide valuable insights and knowledge to apply to your practice.

Module 6: Working as a Supplier of our Method

Learn the pillars of success, how to attract clients, how to price your services and create a luxury experience.

Chapter 1: Pillars of Success

Introduction to the fundamental principles and four essential pillars for a successful career as a lymphatic therapist. This chapter sets the stage for understanding the core values ​​and strategies that drive success in this field.

This chapter provides insights into how potential clients discover massage therapists and offers actionable steps to make your services visible and attractive. Get the best strategies to increase your presence in the market.

Guidance on how to identify and focus on a specific niche to which you should provide your services. This chapter teaches you who your ideal client persona is and how this can lead to a more profitable and successful practice.

Explore how to elevate your practice by delivering a premium, luxurious client experience. This chapter discusses the importance of providing a high-quality service and how this aligns with the specialized nature of our method.

Advice on how to develop effective pricing strategies that reflect the exclusivity and value of your services. This chapter helps you navigate the complexity of pricing in a way that honors the quality of your work and the market you are targeting.

Practical information on the essential tools, equipment, and setup needed to start and keep a successful lymphatic drainage practice using our method.

Tips and techniques for taking impressive before and after photos. This chapter focuses on showing the effectiveness of our method through compelling visual evidence, an essential aspect of marketing and customer communication.

Detailed exploration of strategies to ensure an exceptional experience for first-time customers. Learn to highlight the positive aspects of your method and make a lasting impression that encourages repeated visits.

Strategies and best practices to build customer loyalty and ensure these clients’ return. This chapter covers the keys to nurture lasting relationships with clients, ensuring they continue to choose and value your method.

Module 7: Marketing Strategies

Master marketing strategies for your business. From market research to creating a strong online presence, learn how to build customer loyalty and increase your recognition in the market.

Chapter 1: The Importance of Market Research

Dig deeper into the critical role of market research in establishing a thriving lymphatic drainage business. This chapter instructs you on how to conduct a full competitor analysis, understand your target audience, and employ the most effective strategies tailored to your business.

Explore the process of creating a unique brand identity that resonates with your target audience. Learn about branding elements such as logo creation, brand messaging, and consistent application of brand image across platforms.

A step-by-step guide to establishing a compelling online presence. This chapter focuses on creating a professional website, engaging on relevant social media platforms, and maximizing the potential of online directories for visibility and credibility.

Discover strategies to build customer loyalty and ensure long-term customer retention. Understand the importance of delivering an unforgettable customer experience and the crucial role of repeated business in your company's success.

This chapter covers methods for increasing visibility and recognition of your services. Discover actionable steps to improve your brand awareness through multiple channels, including community engagement, networking, SEO, and testimonials.

Explore the effectiveness of paid advertising, cross-promotion, collaborations and service packages. Get insights into how to strategically invest your money and set partnerships that align with your business goals and enhance your growth.

An in-depth look at using social media for marketing. Covering different platforms, content creation, engagement strategies and the importance of a diverse social media practice that focuses on quality interactions over quantity.

Module 8: Business

A deep dive into financial management for your spa business. Covering everything from creating a solid financial foundation, effective income tracking, and budgeting to understand the basic cash flow management.

Chapter 1: Finance

Dig deeper into the critical role of market research in establishing a thriving lymphatic drainage business. This chapter instructs you on how to conduct a full competitor analysis, understand your target audience, and employ the most effective strategies tailored to your business.

Essential strategies for exceptional customer service. This chapter discusses the importance of memorizing customer details, creating a welcoming environment, and how a commitment of excellence in service can drive recurring business.

Techniques to increase sales while keeping high quality service. Learn the balance between promoting your services and ensuring customer satisfaction without being pushy or compromising your service standards.

Guidance on the administrative aspects of managing a spa. Topics include keeping proper records, handling booking and cancellations efficiently, and managing crucial legalities and bureaucracy.

Tips on recruiting, training and managing staff to create a professional and qualified team. Understand the dynamics of leadership and employee development to ensure a high standard service.

Managing your supply chain effectively. From sourcing high-quality materials to controlling inventory, learn how to run your operations smoothly and cost-effectively.

Setting up an efficient scheduling system to manage appointments. This chapter will provide insights into best practices for booking, rescheduling, and optimizing customer flow.

A comprehensive list for starting your spa business or reviewing your existing one. This guide will walk you through every step and consideration, from initial concept to the Grand-opening day, to make sure nothing is forgotten.

Module 9: Final Considerations and Opportunities

Discover exclusive opportunities for growth and recognition. Learn how to get featured on my website, become a distributor of exclusive products and explore new paths for your professional development.

Chapter 1: Being Featured on My Site

Discover the benefits and steps needed to be featured on the spa website. This chapter outlines what you need to do to get featured and explains how this exposure can boost your profile.

A guide to becoming a distributor of the spa's exclusive line of products. Find out how much money you will earn per sale and the commitment involved in such a partnership.

This chapter presents a new roadmap for your professional development. Learn about the exciting growth opportunity.

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Become an expert in applying Detox by Rebecca method - with international and verified certification by the founder of the method.


“The Detox by Rebecca Secret Code” is a complete training that teaches the massage technique developed by the founder, Rebecca Faria. This method is known for its immediate and long-lasting results and is widely sought after by celebrities and elite patients.

The training is open to anyone interested in learning the Detox by Rebecca massage technique, regardless of previous experience level. It is suitable for both beginners and established professionals in the field.

International certification increases your credibility and recognition on the global stage, opening doors to international opportunities and helping to establish your expertise.

Yes, we offer an unconditional 15-day guarantee. If you access the training and feel that it was not the right time for you, you can request a refund and you will receive your investment back, without questions or bureaucracy.

Rebecca Faria is the founder of Detox by Rebecca and has over 12 years of experience in lymphatic massage, as well as a Masters in Body Aesthetics. She has developed her own highly effective method and has seen high-profile clients such as Ariana Grande and the Kardashians.

Yes, training includes access to a group mentoring program where you can learn from other professionals and get valuable insights.

There are no specific requirements to participate in the training. It is designed to suit a wide range of participants, regardless of their previous experience in the massage field.

To register for the training, you can click on the “I WANT TO ENROLL” button. On the payment page that will open next, follow the instructions provided to fill in your registration details.